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If you love antiques but don't know how or where to shop for them, you might be under the impression that you'll just have to live without your dream vintage furniture. But the reality is, there are actually tons of places you can shop for vintage pieces and antiques online. In fact, according to Margaret Schwartz, owner of Modern Antiquarian, online business is booming. "We don't really see hesitation from buyers when it comes to a price point threshold or a certain kind of product anymore," she tells House Beautiful.

"Understand your level of expertise, and determine what you're comfortable spending on a purchase," Schwartz advises. "If you're just dipping your toes in the water, I highly recommend starting low-risk with accessories, textiles, or lighting. You can often get good deals, and these items should have detailed photos and descriptions with easy to understand measurements."Along with those smaller, low-risk accessories, there are some items Schwartz thinks are better than others—or at least less risky—to buy online.

We highly recommend buying tables and case goods online," she says. "These are pieces that have a lot of photos showing the details of the finish, joinery, overall quality, and interesting details. There is less of a surprise when buying a cocktail table or chest of drawers, so we definitely recommend looking at those if you're in the market."On the other hand, upholstered pieces can a little harder to shop online, and Schwartz says you should ask yourself some important questions before buying. "Do you have all the measurements? Do you know what you find comfortable in terms of seat height and overall hight? What kind of cushion is it, and is that a cushion you find comfortable? What is the pitch of the back, and is it appropriate for the space you're thinking?" Of course, just because it's more challenging doesn't mean it's impossible. 

"When you can't sit on something, it does make it a bit more of a gamble, so just make sure to ask about all the measurements in detail and get as many photos as possible," Schwartz suggests."Another important thing to note? Dealers are happy to answer your questions. "We love talking about our treasures!" Schwartz says. "Don't be afraid to politely ask about anything at all, and if you feel a good connection to a dealer then go ahead and buy." Schwartz also adds that shoppers should look for return policies, noting that most dealers have them but they vary from place to place, so you should ask to be sure.